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Nelavembu Kudineer Choornam


An herb with multifunctional remedies used to cure chronic fever, skin diseases, loss of appetite, fatty liver, intestinal parasite, Constipation and many more to the list.

Nilavembu, is one such powerful herb that has innumerable immune-enhancing properties like anti-pyretic, Cholagogue, Digestive, Hepatoprotective and Anti-inflammatory.

It is widely used in almost dozens of Ayurvedic formulation mostly useful to strengthen the immune system and purifying the blood by getting rid of harmful toxins.

This bitter herb is an age old traditional remedy for different types of viral fever, improves debility or fatigue, good for liver functions, improves the appetite, boost digestion, increase metabolism and also stimulates the kidney function.

All our products are 100% organic without any adulteration, procured, stored and packed with utmost care, as we love to you see you healthy and safe. Trust by many for past 40 years.

Weight 100 kg

100 Grams, 50 Grams


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